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Name:Sheriff Woody Pride
Birthdate:Jul 9

Character: Sheriff Woody Pride
Series: Toy Story
Version: After the 3rd Movie
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

An old-fashioned human pull-string doll that just happens to be a cowboy with all types of sayings from his voice box such as, “You’re My Favorite Deputy.” And “Someone’s Poisoned the Water Hole!” Woody is supposed to be a toy based on his puppet from the 1950’s series “Woody’s Round Up”. A show that is supposed to be similar to the old show “Howdy Doody” that have ventriloquist's dummies with a cowboy theme.

Woody’s face is made of paint, but when he comes to life he can change expressions and talk. Dressed just like an actual cowboy, Woody has a cowhide-color dyed vest and stitched poly-vinyl hat. His gun holster on his belt is empty though. Painted on pale skin, brown hair, and auburn eyes, Woody does resemble a tall skinny cowboy. The height for this toy is 16 inches tall and has cotton on the inside.

Usually known to be the leader with his fellow toy friends, Woody was always Andy’s favorite. He cared very much for the boy and knew his purpose in life was to always be there for Andy. Woody will go through just about anything to be with his owner. Knowing that his duty is to be a toy for his “favorite deputy”. He cares for his friends and will do his best not to let them down.

However, this cowboy does have some flaws, there is a reason why his last name is Pride. Woody is easily tempered if things don’t go the way he wants. If he has a plan, he wants everyone to stick to it no matter what and can be very stubborn on changing his mind. It’s also shown that Woody became very jealous, when Buzz became Andy’s new favorite in the beginning. He even tried to impel Buzz behind Andy’s Desk, but accidentally knocked him out the window by mistake. Woody will become frustrated at the littlest of things and will stomp off until he can think of something to do about the situation at hand.

Although when Woody’s emotions can be over bearing even for him at times. When he becomes sad, usually he would try and keep it to himself. Not wanting others to worry about him, or see him as being weak. Woody really can care and love for others. He’s willing do daring and dangerous rescues just to make sure his friends are all right. If you become friends with Woody, he is definitely someone you can count on and will try to be there for you.

Woody is a toy, there for he can’t do much. He those have his leadership skills though and could lead his friends in a sheer fire plan. There are times where Woody can even come up with a good elaborate scheme. He is wise enough to come up with ideas and could trick others so he can get away with whatever he needs to do. Once Woody has a plan set, he will stick to it until the job is done.

As a toy, Woody has a stealth mode as hiding out as just a toy. He typically will do this whenever humans are around, because toys have a code to not actually move or speak in front of people. After all, the point of a toy is to be loved by a child and be brought to life by their imagination.

Again, a toy so, fire would do Woody in the quickest terms of destroying physically and his arm also was already ripped once while Andy was playing with. It’s fixed, but it could easy tear apart again if he’s not careful. Woody can’t really die, but if he isn’t taken care of he can be worn out eventually over time.

Woody isn’t one to get completely choked up over things, but he doesn’t do a good job of hiding his frustrations or when he’s upset either. Anger and confusion can cloud his judgments. Woody can even become pathetic and reduced to begging just to be safe in his owner’s home. There are times where Woody even thinks of just himself and forget about the others. It took him awhile to realize how Jessie would be upset if he left her and Bullseye by themselves. Although he felt sorry for Jessie, it had to take him to think of Andy’s treatment of him in the future, before he could abandon Jessie. Luckily, Woody came up with the idea that her and Bullseye can come with him as Andy’s new toys.

If ever the chance there’s a friend in danger that Woody cares about that is danger, he will go at any lengths to save them. Sometimes his quick decisions aren’t the best though, and can wind up screwing them up in even more danger. Woody can think straight, but he can’t do it when something horrible is happening all at once on him.

Woody started out as a family’s toy that was passed down to Andy. A toy that was a favorite of Andy’s and he would often play with him. Usually in Andy’s imagination land, Woody was a sheriff that would protect the town from the villain, played by Mr. Potato Head, One-Eyed Bart who has force field dog played by Slinky. Woody would save the day with his Dinosaur Rex that eats force fields in play. These toys’ personalities were a bit different then portrayed by Andy, but he didn’t know they came to life while he was away. Woody, was the leader of Andy’s toys since he was his favorite and would hold staff meetings to keep the order and peace.

At one of Andy’s Birthday parties, Andy receives a Buzz Light Year toy, which is delusional and believes himself to really be a space ranger. Woody tries to convince Buzz he’s really a toy, but nothing seems to work. Over time, Buzz seemed to take over Woody’s life by becoming Andy’s new favorite toy. This goes to great lengths to even having Andy’s room change from a western cowboy theme to a space ranger theme.

Woody becomes extremely jealous and didn’t want to be replaced. He wanted to be Andy’s favorite again. Scheming, Woody decided to try and get rid of Buzz by tricking him into falling underneath Andy’s desk. However, his plan seemed to turn the tables from bad to worse. Woody accidentally caused Buzz to fly out of the window instead. When RC told the other toys that he was responsible for all this, they blamed him for attempted Toy murder. Luckily for Woody, Andy came in on the toys when they tried to get their revenge on Woody, so they had to go back to their normal state. Although Andy was disappointed that he couldn’t find Buzz to take to Pizza Planet, he took Woody instead.

Soon at a Gas Station, Woody encounters Buzz who hung on to the car the whole time. Although he was happy to see Buzz was all right and could show the other toys that he was just fine, Buzz wasn’t too happy to see Woody. They wind up fighting, but during their dispute, the car abandons them at the Gas Station. Woody still determined to get back to Andy’s convinces Buzz he found a space ship for them. Which was really just a topper on a car for Pizza Planet, however Buzz was still quite convinced he was a space ranger and went along the ride with Woody to Pizza Planet. When they arrived Woody found Andy, but Buzz winds up trapping himself in the Arcade Claw machine, because he mistaken it to be a space ship. Soon enough Sid a wicked kid that lived next door to Andy picked them out along with one of the toy aliens from the machine.

While captured in Sid’s house, Buzz soon discovers that he really is just a toy and becomes depressed. Woody tries to reassure him that he really is a good living, and that is a great thing to be, better than any real space ranger. Telling Buzz that he’s one of best “cool toys” out there, and even admits that he has no chance of ever becoming Andy’s favorite again. After all, his only feature is a pull-string, and that’s not very impressive for any kid now. This assures Buzz that the life of a toy is actually great, and attempts to try to save Woody with him out of Sid’s house.

Unfortunately, Buzz gets captured by Sid and is soon to be blown up by firework rocket, because this kid likes to blow up toys or experiment with them. However, Woody winds up coming up with a plan to save Buzz with the help of the experimented mutant toys in Sid’s room. They surprised Sid showing him that toys were really alive and knew what he was doing to them. Woody and the mutant toys succeeded in scaring Sid away, then got Buzz down to go back to Andy’s.

Climbing onto the moving truck, they attract the attention of Sid’s dog, Buzz gives himself up so Woody can be with Andy by jumping off to distract the dog. Not giving up on the space toy, Woody attempts to rescue Buzz with RC, but the suspect Woody of trying to kill off another toy. They push him off, but he’s soon run into by Buzz riding on RC. Soon, the toys realize their misjudgment when they spot Woody riding on RC with Buzz and try to help them back into the truck, but soon RC’s battery ran low and they were left behind. Woody then realizes that he can ignite the rocket Sid put on Buzz's back, and manages to toss RC into the moving truck just as Woody and Buzz go soaring into the air. Buzz opened his wings so he can be detached from the rocket and they started “falling with style”. Gliding in the air until they land safely inside the car and reunite with Andy. Buzz and Woody became the best of pals ever since.

As time passed by, Andy was planning to go Cowboy Camp and bring Woody along. However, while playing with his toys, Woody’s arm ripped. So Andy had to leave Woody back home. So disappointed that Andy wasn’t going to take him to camp, he has a nightmare that he’d be thrown away in the trash. When Woody wakes up he comes across Wheezy, a penguin toy that lost its squeak. Wheezy explained to Woody that this what happens to broken toys, they soon will be forgotten and be put away in the yard sale.

Which soon came across fate that Wheezy was picked up by Andy’s Mother to be put in the yard sale. Woody knew that Andy still wanted to play with Wheezy and wouldn’t let his fellow toy get sold because of that. Woody calls on the dog Andy got for Christmas, Buster, to come to his aid for the rescue mission. He manages to save Wheezy, however, Woody winds up falling off Buster. Then a girl who took him into the yard sale for her mom to buy picked him up. Although, her mom said the toy was broken and put Woody away on the table. Who was soon discovered by Al from the commercials for Al’s Toy Barn, a local toy store. Al immediately snuck out of the Yard Sale quickly and kidnapped Woody, because was the perfect addition to the “Woody’s Round Up” collection he was planning on selling.

Woody found himself trapped in building that was way high up on 14th floor. Just when he was planning to escape through the vent, he met with the others toys from the “Woody’s Round Up” collection. Jessie, a yodeling cowgirl, who was very happy and excited to see Woody, Bullseyes his trusty steed, and Stinkin’ Pete, the prospector who is still in his box. They explained to Woody that they’ve been waiting a long time for him, so they could all go to Japan together, since Woody was the main interest for the full collection. While Woody was ecstatic to learn that he was a main character in the popular kid’s show from the 50s, he was still Andy’s toy and wasn’t going to any Toy Museum in Japan. This upsets Jessie and she gets into an argument with him. Convinced that he is absolutely selfish and cares only about Andy instead of her and the gang. Later, Woody’s arm becomes ripped off completely, thanks to Al who trying to take pictures of him.

Intending to return home. That night, Woody attempts to recover his arm that was in Al’s pocket and return to Andy. However, his attempt gets sabotaged when the TV turns on, waking Al up and ruining his later attempts to return to Andy. Woody then suspected Jessie because the TV remote was near her, and she already was upset with him for trying to go back to Andy’s home.

Al later called a toy repairman to fix Woody. The repairman refurbishes Woody and fixed him up to look like he just came out of the box. Afterwards, Woody tries again to leave to go back to Andy, but prospector Pete convinces Woody to talk to Jessie who was clearly depressed before he would go back to Andy. When he talked to Jessie, he discovers that Jessie was outgrown by her old owner and given up hope of ever being loved again. It was during this time he realizes Andy will eventually do the same to him over the years and he changes his mind to stay with Jessie.

The round-up gang were soon packed up and ready to go to Japan. However, it was during this time Buzz and the gang went out to rescue Woody. When the gang came through the vent and reunite with Woody, they discover that he was now convinced to go with the round-up gang to Tokyo, and not back with Andy. Buzz becomes angry and tells him that his life is meant to be played with toys, and not to be stuck behind glass walls. That Woody once believed that himself and that’s what helped Buzz get on with his own life. Coming to realization that he was wrong about changing his mind to go to Japan, Woody tells Buzz he’s going with them. He then invited Jessie and Bullseye to come with him, they seemed convinced and agree.

However, Stinkin’ Pete, out of his box, seals up the air vent to prevent Woody from going back with Andy and the other toys. Revealing that Stinkin’ Pete was the one who sabotaged Woody's attempt in recovering his broken arm during the night to prevent him returning to Andy. Soon Al came in and retrieved the round up gang toys to go Japan.

Buzz and the others follow Al to the airport and enter into the baggage claim area to chase down Al’s bags that contained Woody inside. Stinkin’ Pete tries to stop them, ripping Woody's arm again, but he is soon defeated and stuffed into a little girl’s bag. Jessie ends up being boarded on the airplane to Japan, but Woody wouldn’t let that happen. He rode on Bullseye with Buzz to go save her just before the plane lifts off and the toys return back home. Andy discovers Jessie and Bullseye in his room thinking his mom just got him new toys. Woody says to Buzz he isn’t worried about what happens when Andy grows up, because he wouldn’t miss it for the world and acknowledges that he will never leave his friends behind.

Years later, Andy is now grown up at age of 17. The toys all think they’re going to the attic or for sale. The only ones that were left were Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Hamm, Rex, Slinky, Mrs. And Mr. Potato Head. Even Bo Peep, Woody’s beloved porcelain doll was now gone. Woody was confident though that Andy would still hang on to them and still believed in him. However, when the time came to packing up, Andy shoved all the toys in a bag, but decided on taking Woody to college.

In a sudden turn of events, Andy's mother mistakenly puts the bag out on the curb as garbage. Woody witnesses this and tries to go save them, but they wind up saving themselves. Now the toys believing that Andy no longer wants them, the toys sneak into a box to be donated to Sunnyside Daycare. As the only toy that saw what really happened, Woody tries to explain that Andy really did intend them for the attic, but they didn’t listen.

Once the toys arrived at Sunnyside where they receive a nice welcome from the daycare toys, led by Lotso the "Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear." Sunnyside seemed like the perfect retirement home for old toys, because kids will always come in a play with them. Though Woody was convinced and stood that they belong with Andy. When he tries to talk to them to come with him back with Andy, they all decided to stay at Sunnyside even Buzz. Woody became disappointed in all of them and painfully leaves them by himself to go back Andy.

However, as soon as Woody escapes Sunnyside he is found and taken in by a girl from the daycare named Bonnie. She immediately takes a liking to Woody and plays with him as her favorite cowboy. Woody does grow a soft spot for Bonnie but still was convinced that he had to go back to Andy. Soon Bonnie's toys reveal to Woody the truth about Lotso and Sunnyside. That Lotso had once been owned by a child, but was never the same after his owner replaced him after being lost. Turning the daycare into a prison, refusing to let any toy go. Woody then knew that his friends weren’t safe there and immediately decided to go back for them.

While at the daycare, the toys were placed in the Caterpillar Room with toddlers instead of the Butterfly room with the older kids who knew how to handle toys. Mrs. Potato Head sees Andy through her missing eye, and discovers that Andy did intend for them to be in the attic all this time. The toys try to leave but are imprisoned by Lotso and his henchmen, including Buzz who was forced to be reset in his demo mode.
Woody returns to Sunnyside to help jail break his friends. They accidentally reset Buzz to his Spanish mode during the escape, after which he joins their side and reveals to Jessie his true desire for her. Using the garbage chute to escape the daycare they managed to reach it, but Lotso caught up to them. Lotso has a Villainous Breakdown, which makes his henchmen turn on him and be thrown into the garbage bin. In a turn of events though, Lotso grabs Woody into the dumpster w just before a garbage truck arrives. The toys jump after to save Woody, but get caught into the pile of garbage themselves.

It’s here where everything turns to chaos. The toys are being helpless tossed in the garbage truck. Buzz rescues Jessie from being crushed, which makes a broken TV fall on top of him, resetting him back to normal, with no memory of his other modes. The truck takes the toys to the dump where they are forced upon the conveyor belt for disposal. Woody tries his very best to guide the toys to safety. However, when he helps Lotso in hopes that he would return the favor by stopping the conveyer belt into the incinerator, Lotso heartlessly leaves them to die.
All hope seemed lost for them at this point, there literally was no way out for them and all that was left was the giant ball of flames. The toys all slowly started to accept their fate and all joined hands together. Woody was both frightened and incredibly regretful, he felt fully responsible. Buzz held his hand out toward Woody in understanding of their fate and Woody takes his dear friend’s hand and grimaces for their untimely death. By wonderful fortune, they are rescued by a giant claw crane operated by their squeeze toy alien friends. Sid, who is now a garbage man, finds Lotso and puts him in front of his truck.

The toys finally return to Andy's house on a garbage truck. While the toys prepare to be stored in the attic, Woody decides he and his friends would be best off, if they were all together somewhere else. He leaves a note to Andy suggesting to donate his toys to Bonnie. Andy drives over to Bonnie’s house and shows her his toys that he can have. When he find Woody at the bottom of the box, he becomes surprised, because he really actually wanted Woody to come to college with him. However Bonnie calls out to Woody as, “My cowboy!” and reaches out for him. Andy is hesitant and even clings Woody away from Bonnie for a moment, but he decided for himself that it was time for him to move on and gives Woody to Bonnie. He plays with the girl for a bit before going to college. Before Andy drove away, Woody was able to give his bittersweet goodbye to his old owner by having Bonnie wave his arm for him.

While starting his new life with Bonnie, he was often played with his friends, and started new adventures with them through the imagination of their new owner. Woody did miss Andy, but knew that he had to be there for his friends to infinity and beyond. He didn’t expect to turn up to a place like Paixao. But next thing Woody only knew, was that he was just cuddling with his friends who were asleep with Bonnie on her bed, then the next minute he’s in an strange and mysterious place.

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